Centralia Square Antiques​​​
201 S Pearl St.
Centralia, WA 98531
(360) 736-6406

Becoming a Dealer at CSA

At Centralia Square Antiques we have some of the best dealers in the business.  We have high standards in order to maintain our level of excellence.  In order to be a dealer at Centralia Square Antiques you must have a Washington State Business License and   a Washingto State Resale Certificate.  We only want dealers who are actively buying and selling, and without a Resale Certificate you are not able to actively buy product.  
We do not require our dealers to work the store, we do require our dealers to come in no less than once a month to restock and refresh their space. 
When available, spaces rent for $2.25 per sq.ft., plus a 12% commission. At this time we have no spaces available, however if you would like to put your name on our Dealer Waiting List, just fill out and submit the form below:


Centralia Square Antiques

Full Name
Describe the merchandise you sell:
Do You have a current Business License and Resale Certificate? If not, you will need to obtain one prior to entry to the Mall.
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Describe your antique sales experience:
Where are you currently selling antiques?
Are you actively buying and selling?
Will you be able to restock and refresh your space at least once a month?
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